Preparing Africans for the Africa that’s Emerging

The African Consciousness Institute is dedicated to personal transformation, which is the grounding for the strategic leadership, creativity and resilience required to co-create the African continent. It is the foundation upon which we build the personal relationships and the objective of continental cohesion.

The institute is about awareness and waking up to realization of our innate, boundless capacity and power to create a continent we desire. Agenda 2063, the African Union’s visionary strategic framework for inclusive growth and sustainable development of the continent, requires an inner transformation of Africans as a basic requirement for its successful implementation.  We need to turn inward for the wisdom, clarity of mind and focused intention for us to realize our audacious objectives.  All Africans are being asked to engage with the vision for the continent and declare the role they are able to play towards its realization. The Institute has heeded the call and identified personal transformation as the contribution it will make to contribute to the process. 

The personal power resulting from the personal transformation is the essential grounding for the synergy power needed for the co-creation of the African continent. The Institute offers transformative programs for educational institutions, communities and the work place to facilitate the shift in consciousness required for the leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, Africa needs to realize its developmental agenda.

The Institute is providing a global “Harambe” (working together) for Africans and people of African descent in alignment with the African Union’s vision, Agenda 2063.

It is for Africans to think together, dream together and act in unison to co-create Africa we desire. The objective is for more and more Africans to have an embodied understanding that we are Africans first. “African” is our true identity before we are cultured and socialized into our multitude of identities based on national geographies, tribes, religions and political affiliations. This shift in mindset is the one deep driver for the traits required to deal with the tribal and religious conflicts on the continent.  It is the foundation upon which a continental cohesion will be built.

This forum is to facilitate a waking up process to the tipping point Africa has reached in its development.  All past events in our history as Africans has led us to this point. Total liberation, freedom and self-determination our forebears promised we would experience someday, is within our reach. It is time for a collective reflection of our past and triumph over slavery, colonialism and apartheid South Africa. We reflect on our past, present and plan for our future, to ensure that we utilize our massive natural and human resources to the development of the continent and maximization of our collective potential.

We invite you to join us in conversation through this platform and share your thoughts and inspirations. We offer a forum to bring together Africans on the continent and those in the diaspora to participate in deep transformational conversations about our future.

Our strategic vision includes transformational conversations, educational and cultural programs to bring into conscious awareness our essential identity as Africans wherever we find ourselves on earth. If you wish to make a donation, please click (here/below) to show your support!